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How to Get Clear Skin at Home

Skin is a reflection of our health and well-being and we work hard to find a beautiful skin naturally. Not good diet, a physical or psychological fatigue, the aggression due to the natural elements, the pollution, not enough consumption of water causes our skin dull and unhealthy, it loses its flexibility and velvety. If you do not take it seriously very soon, fine lines and wrinkles appear.

1st secret – Scrub

The scrub is the basic care of your body beauty.

If you do it twice a week, it allows dead cells removal on your entire body. It also promotes absorption of the care products you use. Your skin will give you back: it will be immediately softer!

2nd secret – Breakfasts all fruit!

If you eat only fruits at breakfast, a hell of energy, and especially a skin that radiated. Favor fruits rich in vitamin C (papaya, blackcurrant, strawberry, orange kiwi). This nutrient is essential for producing collagen, the fiber protein giving the skin its strength and incomparable strength.

So if you want to regain the skin of your 20 years, fill up on fresh fruit in the morning. And for maximum efficiency, you can also prepare “Boosts”. List out the seasonal organic fruits and have it alternatively. Go to the juicer of fruits and vegetables of your choice and drink a big glass. Drinking fruit in the form of juice allows you to consume much more and therefore to focus on these vitamins and antioxidants so important to our health and beauty.

3rd secret – Moisturizer!

After a careful cleaning of your skin, apply on the body and the face a cream rich in moisturizing agents (which regulate the skin): shea butter, or argan oil for example. Follow night care routine to apply moisture to legs and hands specifically; don’t forget to clean your body, removing dirt before applying it.

Moisturizer will prevent the appearance of small wrinkles on the face and breasts and it will look clean and clear.

4th secret – Choose foods with low glycemic index.

Excess consumption of high glycemic foods (also known as “fast sugar”) stimulates the production of excess insulin. This high level of insulin causes excessive sebum production, which blocks the pores of skin cells and therefore affects the skin’s condition.

Did you know?

The glycemic index of a food gives information about the ability of this food to raise blood sugar after the meal. Indeed, some foods release their energy more or less quickly in the body.

– If the glycemic index of a food is high (which is the case of potato, baguette and all the white flours in general), it means that the carbohydrates of this food will pass very quickly in your blood, thus inducing a high glycemic response.

– If, on the other hand, the glycemic index is low (which is the case for lentils, whole grains), it means that the carbohydrates in this food are slowly passing through your blood; the glycemic response is low.

For it :
– Eat only 75% of your hunger and rest keep it empty for water. According to Ayurveda, you should only consume water after 30 minutes of food.
– Choose whole grains such as wholemeal bread, whole rice, their fiber content favors a low glycemic index, unlike refined cereals.
– Add pulses to your meals, their glycemic index is low!
– Limit sweets such as cookies, sweets, sodas, and more

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