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Hair Color Tips for a Beginner

Hair color tips for a beginner

Stylish haircuts look better when your hair color is vibrant. Many women were born with hair color that simply looks dull, and lifeless. These women would like to change their hair color, but they do not want to look strange. The following hair color tips for a beginner will help you to choose colors that look good on you.

Skin Tone

Your complexion is what determines whether a hair color will look good on you, or will make you look odd. A natural redhead, with a fair complexion, can ruin stylish haircuts, by dying their hair black, deep brown, or other really dark colors. People with naturally dark hair have naturally darker complexions, and almost always have brown eyes. Do not try to dye your hair black if you have a light skinned complexion.

Skin tone has to be matched up in order to avoid terrifying hair color wash-out right after your last rinse off. The dull skin could be invigorated using warm hair tones. Cool hair tone fits nicely upon fair skinned complexions along with pink undertones, however, may also appear wonderful on people who have dark complexions. Lighter face framing color gives a younger radiance to the skin.

Color Shades

If you want to enhance the color of your hair and improve the look of the stylish haircuts you get then stick to a dye that will color your hair within two shades of the color you were born to have. If you are blonde naturally then stick with darker blondes, light browns, or lighter blondes. These colors will look good with your complexion, and will not make you looked washed out, or pale.

Any dye that has the word ash in the name will have a hint of red in it. If you have hair that already has a hint of red in it then using an ash blonde will cause the red in your hair to be more prominent. People with red undertones have to stay away from the dues that have ash in the name.

Look closely at the color dye package when you are choosing a new shade. On the side of the package the manufacturer places a color chart to show you what shade your hair will turn out depending on the shade it is naturally. If your hair is already colored then you want to consider how the shade of color you have is going to be changed by the shade you are about to purchase.

You may need to have any old dyes stripped from your hair before you can put a new color on your hair. Stripping the color away is not recommended as a home color treatment. You should go to a salon to have this procedure done.

If you have grey hairs that you are attempting to dye you will have to leave the dye solution on the hair longer than for hair that is not grey. Grey hair does not accept the dye as readily as pre-grey hair does. Read the instructions carefully to find out how long the solution will take to dye grey hair. If your grey hairs are close to the root place the solution on them first, and then after an appropriate amount of time, you can spread the solution to the remaining hair. This will stop you from having darker hair on the bottom, and lighter colored hair next to the roots.

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