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Best Ways to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

Best Ways to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

Precaution is better than cure!!!


We all should be agree with the above statement. The woman above age 30 is more prone to breast cancer according to a recent study therefor one should take care of her health putting extra care.


There could be many reasons having breast cancer but the main reason is not yet known, it may come due to family history or drinking too much of alcohol. Whatever the reason but you should be extra careful to reduce the risk of getting it.


Breast cancer patients are massively increasing and therefore awareness to reduce the risk has to be appreciated by family, society, government, or individual. We decided to bring the most common and Best Ways to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk.


Bra size

Always wear comfortable and accurate sized bra. However, it is not proved that this increases or causes the risk of getting breast cancer but it is not harmful if you follow this, right. Even try avoiding bra at home if possible, you will even feel comfortable.



Massage always good. Try massaging your breast with almond oil once a week. Massage increases the blood circulation of the body and it will be very good for your breast too. Additionally, you will get beautiful and shining skin gradually. It is worth to give it a try.


Self Examine

Have you noticed any sudden change in the breast size? Or change in nipple color, more reddish? Sometime you may feel swelling part of the breast. If you observe these symptoms then you should consult with your doctor.


Healthy Food

More you are getting older; the more you need to take care of yourself, especially eating habits.

In order to boost metabolism, prepare a healthy diet and follow it. Add fruits and vegetables, drink more water, reduce sugar intake and more.


Avoid Smoking

Smoking and alcohol increase our age and it may cause the breast to hang. Therefore it is always good to get away from such bad habit. Also, try to reduce the intake of caffeine.



Whether you want to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer or healthy lifestyle, or even want to fit and beautiful; exercise is always advisable. Doing exercise can control the weight which can lower the risk.



After a certain age, say above 30, in most of the case is at risk of breast diseases. Consult your family doctor to make an annual breast exam. Constantly, mammography test will help you to identify issue early.



If you are a mother, feed a child. This is very healthy for your breast as well as your child. According to ancient Indian Ayurveda, breastfeeding considers being the best way to keep mother healthy.



Whether it is a family history of breast cancer or any additional reason, you have to be careful and be aware of it.

Be aware of breast cancer symptoms. If you find any sudden changes in breasts size or new lump or skin changes, visit a doctor. If your doctor suggests going for mammograms test and other screenings, do not neglect it.


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