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20 Best DIY Beauty Tips and Tricks

I constantly try to find the best hairstyle ideas, beauty tips, skin-care secrets, makeup trends. Now I am going to sum it up in a single post of my 20 best DIY beauty tips and tricks.

All of us absolutely love great beauty tips and therefore I have put together my very best beautiful techniques in a single place.

Best Skin Care Tips

Here are the best skin care tips and tricks which can be used in your day to day life. You can achieve your goal of getting the glowing skin if you follow these methods.

For dry skin

Use Papaya to massage your skin. After that create a scrub simply by mixing up honey and oats including a small amount of cold milk and then scrub the skin gently. Rinse off using water and cold milk and pat dry.

Use Moisturizer

Using moisturizer properly improves hydration in the skin, helps prevent dullness and flaking, provides an impressive protective coating of moisture which can last all day long. Additionally, correct applying a face cream can help anti-aging elements function more effectively.

For all type of skin

Rub down your skin with icy yogurt and also sprinkle a few sugars. After that, get halves of orange and scrub gently till the granules melt. Clean your face using chilled water and find out the result instantly.

Take care of Your Elbows

It’s not hard to forget about your elbows, but this needs the same care as other parts of the body. Massaging Bio-Oil on to them every day. You will see and really feel much softer elbows within a minimum of 2 days.

Egg white with honey

Clean the face with water. Beat an egg white until it eventually catches and also brushes on your skin and enable it dry. You are going to find out the stretch of the skin. rinse face using icy cold water.

Use Sunscreen Daily

Put on sunscreen every single day whether it is shine or rain. Even if it is cloudy. Based on the recent study, 80 % of the sun’s UV rays move through the clouds.

Honey and Lemon Water

Start your day with Honey and lemon water every day on empty stomach. This will exfoliate your body internally and as a result, you will see the difference in your skin.

Exercise for fit body

This is the very best beauty and health tips to get fit and feel gorgeous. At least do exercise every day for about 30 minutes, this will help to get clear skin along with the fit body.

Face Mask with Turmeric powder

This is one of the best and very popular Indian ancient home remedy. Turmeric offers powerful infection-fighting attributes and in addition functions minimize infection. You may mix it along with rose water and gram flour for an effective face mask, this helps to functions get rid of pimples and acne. Also very effective for oily skin.

Take turmeric powder and mix it with the same amount of gram flour and prepare a paste adding adequate rose water. Apply it on your face and leave it for around 20 to 30 minutes.

Best Makeup Tips

If you are one of those who does makeup themselves instead of spending a lot of money at beauty parlor then these tricks are really going to help since this is design for basic needs.

Talcum powder on eyelids

Using talc powder on eyelids will help your makeup going last long. It will not change the color whatever you are going to apply instead it will soak the extra oil and help makeup to stick there longer.

Body Lotion as Makeup remover

If you suddenly find that you’re makeup remover has finished then you can use normal body lotion.

Take care of your Lips

Dry and chapped lips are really worst and look bad. No matter how good you apply your makeup but leaving chapped lips will ruin it all. Hence, soak a cloth in normal water and clean your lips thoroughly, apply lip balm and massage gently, you can try rubbing using a toothbrush. Finally, use tissue or cloth to wipe it up and you are ready to go for lipstick.

Identify your shade

Whenever selecting a foundation, check an item on the skin around your jawline, make sure it has natural light. This would make sure the foundation tone you select for the face is not overly distinctive from the natural shade of the neck.

Nail Polish Remover

When you run out of nail polish cleaner, it is possible to take out by utilizing a clear top coat on the nail and rub cotton ball instantly to remove it.

Avoid Dark Circle

Acquire made use of chamomile tea bags, keep it in the freezer. Chop cucumber and massage all over eye area and after that lay down using the tea bag on the eyes for about 15 minutes. You will feel instant coolness and if you follow this for a longer period you will see the positive result.

Best Hair Care

Hair is really essential to enhance your beauty and therefore you must take care of it. Find out the below hair care tips and tricks as per your need.

For Fizzy Hair

Get pieces of 2 lemons and simmer in 1 glass of water until it finally decreases to 50 percent the total amount. Put the liquid into a spritz container and spray on the hair whenever you need it. This is one of the best home remedies for instance result.

Hide Grey Hair

If you wish to hide a few strands of greyish hair on the run, use mascara for dark hair and a bronzing powder for redheads.

Don’t Comb wet hair

Avoid combing your wet hair. Particularly, if you are facing hair fall then you must avoid it. Combing your wet hair will break most of the hairs which are vulnerable to break. Hence, next time you come out after shower wait till your hair completely get dry.

Natural Hair Color

For natural home remedy hair color, take a couple of sprigs of rosemary and simmer them in one glass of water together with two tablespoons black tea until it finally decreases to 50 percent of the amount. Add to one-fourth of shampoo and now whenever you need to use shampoo use this mixture instead. Keep the shampoo around 15-20 minutes and see the result.

Hair Massage

Take 2 tablespoons of castor oil and coconut oil, you can increase it based on how much it requires. Now warm up this mixture and directly on hair roots, massage it gently. This oiling is best to get thicker and longer hair. You can apply this method twice a week.

I hope you enjoyed reading above tips and found it useful. If you have your own beauty tips kindly comment us below.

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