Monday, January 20, 2020
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About Us

Welcome to blog, your desired destination to Discover beauty tips. This blog is about Beauty Tips, Skin Care, Health Tips, Makeup and more.

My name is Nitu Verma, you can call me a Blogger, a professional writer who is passionate about learning and discovering great stuff related to beauty and health.

About blog:

If I speak regarding this particular website I publish quality content here and would like to help people as per my skills. If you looking for great beauty and health stuff keep browsing my site.

Who Am I?

I am Nitu Verma a housewife. Yes, I am a housewife and it is my full-time job. Moreover, I had completed B.A. along with diploma in beautician course. Once, I read an article about eye-line makeup tips, this inspired me to reach out people and share my knowledge as well. Hence, soon I realized why not to come online, create my own blog and connect with millions of people.

So, I just stay at my wonderful house in Bangalore, India, enjoy my cup of coffee, and share you, beautiful people, few tips.